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Kombucha is a fermented beverage made with brewed tea, sugar and SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) packed with probiotics, vitamins, and enzymes. Kombucha delivers both the benefit of a tea and a probiotic. In addition to better digestion and metabolism, it detoxifies, energizes, and boosts overall immunity.

康普茶的原料 The Ingredients of Kombucha

① 康普茶發酵 — 從茶開始 Fermentation --- Start from Tea

Zestea 康普茶是一個用茶為基底做發酵的飲品。我們親自走訪各個產地,因為我們相信在亞洲這個世界茗茶的聚集地,一定可以找到脫穎而出的茶,帶出康普茶別出心裁的另一番風味。
Zestea Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea. The Zestea team visited various tea farms because, we believe, in Asia, where tea has a long history, there is tea that stands out, bringing out the wonderful flavors of Kombucha.

② 讓茶和原料夥伴相見歡 Brewing --- Mixing tea and ingredients

To Brew one perfect kombucha, you will need the following ingredients in addition to tea:

  • 巴西蔗糖 Brazil cane sugar

    糖和康普茶也是密不可分,因為康普茶的菌種需要糖分才能成長。Zestea 康普茶使用的是從巴西進口的永續種植原蔗糖,富含豐富的礦物質與維生素,在發酵初期,我們會加入大量的原蔗糖,發酵中大約 90% 的糖份都會被菌種吃掉,所以你在喝康普茶的時候,不會感受到非常甜膩的感覺。發酵完成後,每 100 毫升的 Zestea 原味康普茶大約會有 6克的糖。
    Sugar and Kombucha are inseparable because the Kombucha SCOBY needs sugar to grow. Zestea Kombucha uses raw cane sugar imported from Brazil, which is rich in minerals and vitamins. At the beginning of fermentation, we will add a large quantity of organic raw cane sugar. About 90% of the sugar in the fermentation will be eaten by the bacteria, so when you are drinking Kombucha, it will not feel very sweet. After fermentation, there will be about 6 grams of sugar per 100 ml of Zestea Original Kombucha.

    不光是注重有機原料,我們也會傾向於跟對環境有貢獻廠商合作。我們原蔗糖供應商從1980 年開始就開始永續發展,在保護生態系統的環境下種植甘蔗,不使用農藥,導入高科技方法防止病蟲害,維持土壤的生態系統並使用有機肥料,保留了農場中高度的生物多樣性,是傳統甘蔗田的 23 倍之多。
    Not only focus on raw materials, we also tend to cooperate with partners that carry a sense of sustainability to the environment. Our organic cane sugar supplier has been developing a sustainable system of sugarcane production since 1980. It has grown sugarcane in an environment that protects the ecosystem, does not use pesticides, introduces high-tech methods to prevent pests and diseases, maintains the soil ecosystem, and uses organic fertilizers to preserve the farm. The level of biodiversity is 23 times greater than traditional sugarcane fields.

  • 共生菌 SCOBY

    SCOBY 全名為 Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast ,中文稱「紅茶菌」或「共生菌」,是一種復合菌,看起來有點像海蜇皮。康普茶是將 SCOBY 與甜茶混合作用,使發酵後的茶帶有酸味與微氣泡感。在發酵的時候,它會幫我們把糖還有咖啡因吃掉,生成對人體有益的飲品。

    SCOBY, Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast, is a compound bacteria that looks like jellyfish skin.  Kombucha is a mixture of SCOBY and sweet tea, so it has a sour taste and bubbles. During fermentation, SCOBY consumes sugar and caffeine, giving us healthy beverages.

③ 真實、有機、全天然 Real, Raw and All Natural

我們以精釀的方式製作康普茶,讓每批產品發酵長達 20-30 天,每日定期檢查康普茶發酵的狀況,用愛心與耐心,好好等待時間帶來的禮物。Zestea 不同的口味來自於我們所使用的天然草本植物,例如檸檬草、洛神花等,打造天然、真實、清爽的風味。看吧,Zestea 康普茶的成分就是如此單純、健康!茶、水、蔗糖、SCOBY、草本植物調味就完成!現在你也可以在家動手做,品嚐時間帶給你的禮物。

Each batch of Zestea Kombucha is handcrafted,  fermented for up to 30 days, and made with love. Our different flavors are created by the natural herbs, such as lemongrass or hibiscus, to create an authentic, natural and refreshing taste.
Zestea uses only the simplest and healthiest ingredients. All you need is tea, water, cane sugar, SCOBY, some time!  Now you can brew your own Kombucha at home with the Zestea brewing kit. 


康普茶對人體有什麼好處?Health Benefits of Kombucha

經過長達 20-30 天的發酵,康普茶所有的口味都含有益生菌、維生素 B 及有機酸,不僅能促進腸道健康,還可以為身體補充天然的抗氧化劑與維生素。
Zestea Kombucha contains probiotics, vitamins B and organic acids after 20-30 days of fermentation, which not only aid digestion, but also provide the body with natural antioxidants and vitamins.

開瓶的時候,你可能會發現微微的氣泡在嘶嘶作響,那是因為 Zestea 康普茶全程使用冷藏配送到府,以確保康普茶裡珍貴的益生菌仍維持在活力的最佳狀態。因此,某種程度上來說,康普茶可是有生命的「活」飲品!
You may notice slight bubbles sizzling when opening the bottle. This is because Zestea Kombucha is cold chain delivered to preserve its precious probiotics, making Kombucha a "live" beverage.

今天就選擇你喜歡的口味,來乾杯吧 #trustyourgut
Choose your favorite flavor today and cheers #trustyourgut