Q&A | 常見問題

Zestea 康普茶採用精選原料、小批量精釀,從第一口到最後一口,都可以享受滑順、酸甜帶有微氣泡的豐富口感。 

Every Bottle of Zestea Kombucha is crafted from the finest ingredients that are carefully local sourced to delivery a smooth, zesty taste from your first to the last sip.  

Zestea 康普茶的原料有 95% 都是永續種植,支持在地小農, 使用台灣在地蜜香紅茶和宜蘭的好水釀造,四種口味都是使用草本植物,新鮮精釀出獨特風味!而且不含任何添加劑。

Zestea Kombucha is freshly made locally in Yilan, Taiwan, brew with Taiwan local black tea and herbs that is satisfying to both your tastebuds and your gut! Over 95% ingredients are sustainable grown and we strive to support local farms and businesses. And of course, Zestea is raw and free of preservatives!


Kombucha is a functional beverage, Zestea recommendation is to limit to five bottles per day.


Anytime you want! For those who suffer from in digestion, you can drink while eating or after.


Yes, Kombucha will go bad, but not in the same way as other foods. Because Kombucha is a fermented beverage with a low pH it has an extremely long shelf life. However, it is recommended to drink Kombucha within 8 months of shelf life to ensure freshness.


Heating Kombucha will kill off the live bacteria and yeasts within it which will limit some of the added benefit you will receive by drinking Kombucha. We suggest you can take it out of the fridge and wait a bit before drinking.


Because Zestea Kombucha is unpasterurized, if room temperature over 25 degree it will continue to ferment. To ensure your Kombucha quality, please put it in the fridge once received. 


Kombucha is a fermented food, in fermentation the culture of probiotics like to form a cellulose matrix. At Zestea, we try hard to filter that our before we bottle it, but sometimes the SCOBY can make it through. This is a totally natural part of the brew, and no indicative of anything foul or bad. 

Zestea康普茶由茶發酵製成,所以含有咖啡因,含量為20mg/100ml,遠低於一杯茶 。

There is caffeine in Zestea Kombucha because they are made from tea. However, the caffeine in Kombucha is much lower than one cup of tea.