1. 腸道健康的貼心管家 Good for your gut
    Zestea 康普茶經過長達 30 天的發酵,產生大量健康的益生菌,因此,某種程度上來說它可是有生命的「活水」。一杯康普茶所含的常見菌種包括酵母菌、乳酸菌和醋酸菌,這三種菌群可以平衡腸道菌群、幫助消化。
    Due to the fermentation process involved in creating kombucha, it contains a large number of healthy bacteria known as probiotics. So Kombucha was once called “elixir of life”  The common bacteria contained in the cup of Kombucha include yeast, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria. These probiotics can help your digestion and support your immune system, as they absorb nutrients and fight infection and illness.

  2. 維他命B群補充劑 Vitamin B supplement
    和大多數發酵食物一樣,康普茶富含 B3、B9、B12 等多種維生素 B,一瓶 Zestea 康普茶可以補充 20% 的每日所需。
    Like most fermented foods, Kombucha is rich in B, B9, B12 and other B vitamins, and a bottle of Kombucha can supplement 20% of daily needs.

  3. 抗氧化新星 Rich in antioxidant
    Zestea 康普茶經過發酵後,大大提升抗氧化的能力,跟紅茶、綠茶、普洱茶有著同樣的養生效果。對女性友人來說,康普茶是人氣很高的一種飲品,不僅含有天然抗氧化劑能夠養顏美容,還可以促進新陳代謝。
    The essence of Kombucha is still a kind of tea, so the health effects of black tea, green tea, black tea and even Pu'er tea can be a lot. Tea is fermented to greatly enhance the ability to resist anti-oxidation. For women, drinking Kombucha can delay the aging of the body.

  4. 低糖的健康飲品 Healthy and low sugar soda
    糖是康普茶釀造必不可少的原料,它們可是菌母寶寶們的食物,然而 Zestea 康普茶使用巴西原蔗糖,加上發酵後菌群會吃掉 90% 的糖,因此喝起來只有低糖。正在戒糖的朋友如果忍不住想喝含糖飲料的時候,來杯 Zestea 康普茶過過癮。
    Sugar is one of the essential ingredients for making Kombucha. They are the food of the SCOBY. By the end of the fermentation, the SCOBY will eat up to 90% of the sugar, so the original Kombucha is naturally low in sugar. It’s the best and healthy alternative for soda and alcoholic beverages.

  5. 它是精釀啤酒的表兄弟 It is the cousin of craft beer
    Kombucha and craft beer use the same yeast fermentation process. Like Belgian sour beer (Lambic), Kombucha is sweet and sour with bubbles, so health-conscious friends can enjoy it. Kombucha can also serve as the base for healthy cocktails.

  6. 使人心情愉悅 Makes you happy
    有的朋友分享說,喝康普茶會感覺開心或是放鬆。這是因為康普茶發酵過程中會生成維生素 B,尤其維生素 B12 有助於提高能量水平,並幫助整體精神的健康。想放鬆一下嗎?喝 Zestea 康普茶抹去工作一整天的疲憊感吧!
    Kombucha is said to relax or make you happy. This is because the fermentation process of Kombucha produces a large amount of vitamin B, especially vitamin B12, increasing energy levels and improves mental health. Work all day? Feeling tired and stressed? Drink Zestea kombucha!

  7. 美食當前的極佳飲品 A perfect match with food
    每次吃大餐的時候,總是擔心腸胃負擔大、消化不良。康普茶富含益生菌及有機酸,促進新陳代謝與消化,當你想著要來點啤酒或汽水的時候,其實可以用 Zestea 康普茶取代喔!

    Always worried about heavy gastrointestinal burden and indigestion after a big meal? Kombucha contains probiotics and organic acids, helping speed up metabolism and digestion. Zestea Kombucha can actually be substituted for beer or soda when you want to get some!

PLEASE NOTE: We are not doctors. We are not scientists. We are simply conscious  consumers, like you, who care about the things we put into our body because we believe that food can be a form of medicine. We understand every person is different, and that each body may react differently to the things they consume. Please know the information we share is intended to speak to the average experience with our offerings.

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