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康普茶對皮膚有好處? | Is kombucha good for your skin?

康普茶對皮膚有好處?  |  Is kombucha good for your skin?

康普茶對皮膚有好處? | Is kombucha good for your skin?


Is kombucha good for your skin? The official jury is still out. However, thanks to all the amazing components in kombucha, it's highly likely that enjoying this delicious, natural drink can have a positive overall impact on every part of your health. Let's look at the potential benefits kombucha can have on your skin and how you can make the most of them!


Kombucha may help balance the skin's microbiome.🦠🧫


Just like the gut needs probiotics, the skin is home to millions of bacteria and fungi. The skin is a crucial barrier that prevents various pathogens from entering the body and plays a key role in overall health and skin health. The components in kombucha may help introduce a healthy gut microbiome, which, in turn, could improve the overall skin microbiome and contribute to a balanced skin.


A healthy gut brings overall health improvements.💪🌈


For years, scientists have been studying the connection between gut health and overall health. Improving gut health could mean an overall improvement in the body's health. When your gut is healthy, your skin often reflects that first. Unhealthy skin may appear greasy, dull, or pale. However, with a healthy gut, many people find that their skin looks healthier too. This is what's known as the "healthy glow." In simple terms, when the gut is healthy, the whole body is more likely to reflect overall health status—so if you want healthier-looking skin, drinking kombucha to improve gut health might be helpful.


Kombucha may help reduce inflammation🔥🤕


Inflammation not only causes health issues but can also lead to various skin problems such as redness or eczema. As the gut microbiome rebalances due to regularly consuming a healthy diet (including fermented kombucha rich in probiotics), many drinkers begin to notice overall health improvements, including skin health. In fact, when you reduce inflammation by enhancing overall gut health, improvements in overall skin health are often the most noticeable.


So, is kombucha good for your skin? While more research is needed, the potential benefits of kombucha on skin health are promising. So why not try kombucha to enjoy its skin benefits and more? At Zestea, we carefully brew each batch of kombucha, offering an exciting variety of flavors for you to choose from. Check out our selection and find your favorite one!

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Zestea Kombucha exist to create real, organic, raw, and all-natural beverages that consumers can have a better choice when they are not drinking water. We carefully select local ingredients and crafted them in small batches, undergoing a 25-30 day fermentation process in Yilan. Every bottle of Zestea Kombucha is enriched with abundant B-vitamins, organic acids, and probiotics, and it offers a smooth, sweet and tangy taste with delicate bubbles.. Our mission is to revolutionize the modern perception of beverages and provide everyone with a trendy and delicious new choice for a healthy drink.